April 11

1 Samuel 7-9

In our Old Testament reading we have a moment where God shows up large and in charge. Israel is lamenting their situation and Samuel tells them basically to quit living like the devil, seek God with all your heart and God will deliver you out of the hands of the Philistines. Well, Israel responds in a very positive way, they quit living like the devil and served God only. They are fasting and confessing their sin before God. In the middle of this the Philistines decide that they were going to attack Israel right then. When Israel heard what the Philistines were going to do they cried out to Samuel for him to continue asking God to deliver Israel. Well, in response Samuel offers a burnt offering to the Lord and cries out to Him for deliverance for Israel and God heard him. Here is Israel right in the middle of a worship service with a burnt offering being offered and the Philistines are coming to wipe Israel out. Israel was in a very vulnerable moment, but before the Philistines reached Israel, the Bible says that God thundered with a great thunder upon the the Philistines. Now God may have voiced something or it may have been such a loud powerful long peel of thunder, whatever it was it caused the Philistines to panic and they were thrown into confusion and in that state Israel went out and mopped the floor with them. Glory to God.  


Luke 13:1-21

In our reading today we have Jesus healing a woman bound by a spirit of infirmity. Then we have the ruler of the synagogue raising a fuss because Jesus healed on the Sabbath. After calling the ruler a hypocrite Jesus went on to say in verse 16,  “ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bound, lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the sabbath day?” The Greek word used for “ought” means “must needs be”, this is the way “it should be”. Jesus goes on to say why, because this woman was a daughter of Abraham, it was her Covenant right to be healed, it was her Covenant right to be loosed from this satanic bondage. That is what Jesus called it. Wow. You want to know how God feels toward believers getting healed. He feels that is the way it should be, healed.  

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