April 13

1 Samuel 13, 14

In the first chapter of our Old Testament reading we have Saul intruding into the priest office. The offering of sacrifices was the exclusive responsibility of the priest. Samuel had previously given instructions to Saul what he was to do (1 Samuel 10:8). The Jewish historian Josephus wrote that this was to be standard operating procedure for Saul when a crisis occurred. He was to go down to Gilgal and wait for Samuel. Well Saul went down to Gilgal and waited 7 days for Samuel and he did not come. Things were already bad but when Samuel did not come the people began to scatter, so Saul intruded into the office of the priesthood and offered a burnt offering. As soon as Saul was finished, Samuel shows up. After offering a lame excuse for his disobedience, Samuel rebukes Saul and tells him his kingdom will not continue. You see the kingdom was to pass down through the son of the king, but because of Saul’s disobedience that kingdom would stop at Saul’s death. The kingdom would be given to another, a man after God’s own heart. The consequences of Saul’s disobedience prevented the kingship from staying within his family. The famous words that Samuel utters in Chapter 15 can be applied here. To obey is better than sacrifice.  


Luke 14:1-24

In the reading from Luke Jesus tells a parable about humility involving being invited to a wedding. He said if we are invited to a wedding we are not to seek out the more honorable seats, because the person whom that more honorable seat was prepared for will show up and we will be forced in complete embarrassment to take a less honorable seat. The lesson is that whoever exalts himself, thinks they are superior will be brought low and those who live in a humble attitude will be raised up. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Wow talk about not feeling the presence of God, not getting my prayers answered because God is resisting me. Let’s be humble saints.  

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