Hello, My Name is Fearless

By Renita Collins Hello my name is FEARLESS what’s yours? What is fear you may ask? Well it is false evidence appearing real. It is false because it’s based what could be instead of what is. It’s a series of false accusations. Fear is like a bully. Bullies intimidate others because of all their verbal […]


By Marti Landis As a wife, mother, friend, leader in ministry I understand and appreciate women. We have many hats to wear, including the ability to multi-task and remain fluid at any given moment.  However, as women we oftentimes push our real feelings aside. We don’t want to appear emotional, weak or unable to handle […]


By Melanie Stone Is your perspective clear or are you seeing through a filter of past experience? Do you have a wide perspective or is your sight constricted by adamant attitudes, limited knowledge, selfishness or obsessive thought patterns? Perspective is the way we look at things. Perspective tremendously affects the way we think, act and […]

Created for Community

By Melanie Stone Our Father created us for community, kingdom community. A community is a group of people who share characteristics, interests, goals and attitudes. We see the concept of community in the Bible in the word fellowship. In the Greek the word is koinonia, which describes association, participation and sharing. There is a flow […]

Testimonies from Mexico

By Ruth Martinez-Ost A pastoral couple had serious marriage problems and were on the verge of separation As we were finishing up one day, Vic said to the husband, “just treat and love your wife, like Christ loved the Church”. All the lights went on, from that moment forward everything changed in their marriage, family […]