January 4

Genesis 10-12 Genesis 10-12: In our reading today we will look at Shem’s generations down to Abram. The record is listed in Genesis 11:10-26. I will not print it out but will only show the results of my study. Shem lived a total of 600 years, 502 of those years after the flood. When the […]

January 16

Matthew 11 In Matthew 11:7-11  Jesus said some very powerful statements, when he said because John the Baptist was the forerunner of the Messiah, he was a prophet and more than a prophet . Wow, then Jesus says that John was the greatest born from a woman. That is a mouthful. But then Jesus goes […]

January 15

Genesis 36-38 All Scripture is God-breathed (2 Timothy 3:16), even the seemingly endless lists of who begat who and who was the father of so and so. I remember studying out the genealogy in Genesis 11 and receiving one of the most powerful revelations I have ever received from the Holy Spirit. There is life […]

January 14

Genesis 33-35 In our reading today we see the Lord not only fulfilled His promise to bring Jacob back to his family in peace (Genesis 33; 28:20-22). God is faithful. When Jacob’s son murdered all the men in Shechem for what happened to Dinah Genesis 35:25-29), God spoke to Jacob and instructed him to return […]

January 13

Genesis 31, 32 In our reading today we have Jacob and his family fleeing Laban, Jacob’s father-in-law and the father and grandfather of Jacob’s wives and children. Laban was a deceitful man and surely a bully who inspired fear in those around him. Twenty years previous to this Jacob had prayed to God and asked […]

January 12

Genesis 29, 30 In our reading today we have the marriage of Jacob to Rachel and Leah. After serving seven years to Laban for Rachel, Laban instead give Jacob Leah because she was the elder daughter. God’s word declares whatever a man sows that is what he will reap (Galatians 6:7). The deceit Jacob worked […]

January 11

Genesis 27, 28 In our reading today we have the second time that tithing is mentioned in Scripture. The first of course is with Abraham, Jacob’s grandfather in Genesis 14. In this instances we see an interesting part of the equation. Jacob set the parameters. Genesis 28:20-22  “And Jacob vowed a vow, saying, If God […]

January 10

Genesis 25, 26 In our reading today we have Abraham remarrying after Sarah’s death. Abraham at this time was at least 140. The woman’s name was Keturah, and together they had six sons (Genesis 25:1-4). The recreative miracle that rejuvenated Abraham’s reproductive issues necessary for Isaac to be conceived over 40 years previous (Romans 4:17-21), […]

January 9

Genesis 23, 24 In our reading we have Sarah’s death and Isaac’s marriage to Rebekah. Both are time markers that we can use in the present chapters and in the future. For instance Sarah died when she was 127 (Genesis 23:1). Which means Abraham was 137 because he was 10 years older than she was […]

January 8

Genesis 20-22 In our reading today we have an interesting passage where God literally threatens a man to kill him and all of his family (Genesis 20:1-7). It is one thing when the neighborhood bully tells you “You’re a dead man!” It’s another thing when the head of the mafia tells you, “You’re a dead […]