January 13

Genesis 31, 32

In our reading today we have Jacob and his family fleeing Laban, Jacob’s father-in-law and the father and grandfather of Jacob’s wives and children. Laban was a deceitful man and surely a bully who inspired fear in those around him. Twenty years previous to this Jacob had prayed to God and asked for God to be with him, keep him and bring him back to his father’s house in peace (Genesis 28:20-22). All the twenty years that Jacob served Laban faithfully, God was with him and watched over him (Genesis 31:5-7). It was now time for Jacob to return back to his father’s household (Genesis 31:13). Laban was not a believer in the one true God, he was an idol worshipper, and unknown to Jacob, Rachel had stolen Laban’s images (Genesis 31:19). Although it was serious at the moment because of Laban’s anger, Laban at one point accused Jacob of stealing his gods, revealing the sad state of idol worshippers (Genesis 31:30). After a contentious day Laban decided to let them leave and the next day they parted, Laban back to his house and Jacob back to his father’s land. During the whole twenty years, God was faithful, watching over Jacob and his family.     


Matthew 9:18-38

In our reading today we have the healing of the woman who had a discharge of blood for twelve years(Matthew 9:19-22). What we must recognise about this portion of Scripture is first of all Jesus called her “Daughter”. This woman was a daughter of Abraham and therefore entitled to the benefits of Covenant (Psalm 103:2-5). Jesus then encouraged her to be comforted because her faith made her whole (Genesis 9:22). Saints, that Greek word for “made whole” is sozo. This word is used many times in the New Testament. It is used of healing of sickness, deliverance of demon possession, the rescue of life from danger and being saved in spiritual salvation. It is the same word used in Romans 10:9  where the Apostle Paul wrote, “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” Saints, being “saved” doesn’t just mean we are going to heaven when we die. It does mean that, but it also means we can trust God for protection, healing and soundness of spirit, soul and body! Glory to God! 

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