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The Season To Lead

Written By Tomekia Williams

Leadership is a topic I shied away from for many years, although I’ve held various leadership roles throughout my life. From roles in corporate America to church, I never viewed myself as a “leader”, although I’ve held the position with its responsibilities. I believe my dilemma with accepting the title of leader has all to do with the spirit of fear. Fear, unbeknownst to me, had been hiding in the corridors of my life and leadership.


We often wonder how someone else made it to what we deem as successful. In my research, I’ve noticed the number one characteristic of successful leaders is confidence. They are confident in what they do and how they do it. This confidence can be viewed as courage. Courage is an attitude that says, in the face of fear and uncertain outcomes, I choose to move forward.


Currently, we are all facing challenges due to a global pandemic -COVID-19. Leaders everywhere and in every sector have had to make some hard decisions and carefully plan for the future. Personally, I made a conscientious decision to step up and lead better. The decision to stop leading from the back was made after I kept feeling for months (more like a year) the Lord leading me to focus on growing in my leadership capacity. It was shortly after having coming in agreement with heaven’s assignment, that I received an invitation to teach on leadership. I believe this was God inviting me to take this journey in becoming a godly leader. 


So far, I’ve been intentional in studying material on leadership through books, blogs, resources, conversations with other leaders and likewise. I’m in my gleaning and sowing season. So let me ask you, where are you in your leadership journey? In recent years, we’ve been hearing this adjective that describes the goal of how 21st leadership should look  -that word is  healthy. 

How healthy is your leadership style? 


Healthy leadership depends on the health of the leader – spiritually, emotionally, financially, mentally, physically and socially. In the current culture of our world, I believe God is preparing an army of men, women, teens, and youth, who will lead in healthy, yet powerful and effective ways. It’s going to take healthy leaders to raise healthy leaders. 


We all have a leadership style. There are several assessments to help us identify our leadership style, which is a launching pad to blossom from. My biggest fear in leading was making a mistake. Honestly, it’s still probably a fear of mine, but not in a gripping kind of way. I’m determined to lead in a God honoring way, with wisdom and faith that serves my family, church and others in Christ and outside of Christ.

Creative, funny, loving , and motivating are a few words that describe Tomekia Williams. Pastor T, as affectionately called by her congregation, helps co-lead a thriving multi-generational church along the east coast of Georgia, alongside her husband Corey Williams. 

A graduate of Regent University, with a degree in Communications, and a Master’s in Education & Community Leadership. This woman has been equipped and empowered to lead her generation. 

Through her teachings, many have regained a passion for life, an understanding of their journey, and a greater commitment to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. Pastor T’s passion and mission is to see you take your journey into your personal promise land. She and her husband have been married for over 18 years and have 3 children

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