How to plant a church

Church Planting Training

When we plant churches, we multiply the ministry of Christ and accelerate the expansion of the kingdom of God. TOGETHER we can do more to reach, restore, and raise up people in Christ. 

Church planting training is essential for equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills, and spiritual foundation necessary to establish vibrant and impactful Christian communities. Through comprehensive instruction in church planting strategy, preparation for a successful launch, portable church plans, team building, fundraising, promotion, and gathering the community, participants are empowered to navigate the complexities of starting new churches. Emphasizing the biblical principles of discipleship, evangelism, community outreach, and cultural engagement, this training fosters a deep understanding of the diverse needs and contexts in which churches are planted. 

As a global ministry, our leadership training programs are designed with careful consideration of the language, lifestyle, culture, and economic factors relevant to church planting in your desired location.

Training Courses Include: 

  • Church Planting Essentials
  • House Church Planting
  • Healthy Church Dynamics
  • Churches Planting Churches

Moreover, it cultivates a heart for prayer, vision casting, and reliance on the Holy Spirit, recognizing that successful church planting ultimately depends on God’s guidance and provision. With a focus on collaboration, innovation, and faithful stewardship of resources, church planting training equips leaders to courageously embark on the journey of birthing and nurturing thriving Christian communities that transform lives and advance the Kingdom of God.

If you are interested in Grow Churches providing training in your region of the world, please fill out the form below and a member of our staff will respond to you. 

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