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From one-on-one coaching to team training seminars and online resources, GrowChurches is finding every way possible to empower and strengthen church planters at every stage. Our process and resources help lift the burden off the shoulders of Pastors, remove the guessing game from the planting process, and equip them to lead their congregations with confidence and the stamina required to be successful in ministry.

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Over 2 billion people in over 7,000 people groups are unreached.

The statistics for unreached people are staggering, and the need for pastors to share the good news of Jesus is now bigger than ever.
That’s why GrowChurches is on a mission to support every church planter with the tools and resources they need to launch as many churches as possible.

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  • Empower Pastors to spend many fruitful years in ministry
  • Reach thousands more for Christ each day?

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