April 13

Luke 14:1-24

Dropsy is a condition where the body retains fluids and suffers from inflammation. Jesus turns to the lawyers and Pharisees and asks them a legal question, “Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath?” Jesus challenges the heart, having human compassion that would help an animal in trouble but not a human being.

Jesus then tells a parable about the attitude to take action to serve someone else with a yielded heart. As humans, we often put our guard up, finding it difficult to trust and a struggle to surrender. Yet, faith is all about that heart of faith.

In verses 15-24, Jesus tells a parable about the invitation to share a meal, but people made excuses not to come. So the servant was told to find the less desirable, the broken, and call them in. We have to recognize our need, see our Savior’s ability to supply, and take action to go to Him with a surrendered heart. Often, people who think they have it all together will resist God’s call to yield to what He is doing. How blessed we are, whatever our earthly condition, that our heart recognizes our need for God and we humble ourselves to rely upon Him.

1 Samuel 13-14

Saul was responsible for a nation that had sinned against God.
As a result of their sin, they were oppressed by the Philistines. The nation was in distress (13:6).
Samuel had asked Saul to wait on him, but after seven days, Saul offered a sacrifice without waiting on the prophet. Waiting is one characteristic of dependency on God that is sometimes tested.
According to 13:13, if Saul had surrendered himself and depended on God, then God would have established Saul’s kingdom forever.
Saul felt the pressure of the people. The soldiers were afraid (13:7), the people were in hiding (13:6), and Saul probably felt he was about to lose his support. Instead of waiting on God in dependency, He acted in his own strength, trying to gather the approval of people rather than the approval of God.
As a Christian leader, in order to exercise God-given authority over people, a leader has to be under God’s authority first. Saul failed at this.
According to 13:14, God was looking for someone that was after His HEART, not just His power and authority. When we have God’s heart, then we know His love, we trust His love, and we submit to His love. Yes, even under the Law with all its rules and regulations. God wanted a representative of someone who lived by God’s grace through a reliant, obedient faith. Saul did not have God’s heart.

Jonathan was a warrior.
Jonathan had a faith relationship with God.
In 14:6, Jonathan says about confronting the enemy, “It may be that the Lord will work for us. For nothing restrains the Lord from saving by many or by few.” Jonathan had faith to rely on God, not his own strength.
Jonathan’s armor bearer says, “I am with you, according to your heart.” Jonathan chose a man that was not only qualified for the position, but was also submissive and loyal.

Let’s learn from these Bible examples on what to do and what not to do. Let’s have faith that depends on God and yields to authority. God is the LORD of our lives!

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