April 15

Luke 15:1-10

In verses 1-7, Jesus tells the parable of the lost sheep. The shepherd left the 99 for the one, but the shepherd made sure the 99 were secure inside the gate. Pastors often were compared to shepherds, and shepherds care for the ones who are their responsibility. Pastors don’t try to take sheep away from another shepherd. Pastors care for the ones in their fold, and they care for the sheep under their responsibility that wander off.

In verses 8-10, Jesus tells the parable of the lost coin. Some say this coin was part of wedding jewelry. If she loses one coin, it was a significance loss. She searched for the coin like someone would search for a lost wedding band. We are valuable to God. We have significance!

1 Samuel 17-18

David was working for King Saul, knowing he was going to be the next king, knowing he was positioned near Saul for a purpose. David occasionally returned home. On one of those occasions that David was not with Saul, the Philistines came to oppose Israel. When David returned to King Saul, he learned of the giant’s taunt.

This was an opportunity to defeat the Philistines once and for all.
This was an opportunity to operate with the anointing.
This was an opportunity to champion the cause of the Lord.

The Philistines had been a long time enemy, an enemy that God had allowed to oppress Israel because of the sin of the people and of rebellion of King Saul. God was doing a new thing. He was shifting the nation, preparing for the reign of David.

The anointing had left King Saul and would come on David instead. Saul was not willing to fight Goliath, but something stirred David. He had a faith in God, but he also operated under the anointing of the Spirit. The anointing gave him a confidence in God’s power. His confidence was not in his own strength. There was a boldness from the Holy Spirit that was against anyone that would defy Jehovah. This anointing was also demonstrating God’s choice of leadership. The anointing was undeniably on David.

A champion was one that would fight on behalf of a group, gaining victory for all. God helped David to be that champion, defeating the Philistines. David was a type of Jesus, the ultimate champion of all humanity.

In chapter 18, after this momentous event, Jonathan, King Saul’s son, became good friends with David. His soul was knit with David’s and they made a covenant together. David marries Michal, Saul’s daughter. This is no coincidence. God has made a way for David to be in the king’s family.

Saul resented David for his favor with God and the people. He hoped that the Philistines would focus their attention on killing David. However, in 18:28, Saul saw and knew that the Lord was with David.

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