April 17

Luke 16:1-18

“WHAT IS HIGHLY ESTEEMED AMONG MEN IS AN ABOMINATION IN THE SIGHT OF GOD (verse 15).” This was said about loving money, which is also about loving control and self-sufficiency. In the same verse, Jesus said, “GOD KNOWS YOUR HEARTS.” Having money doesn’t mean you don’t trust God. Loving money does. In verse 10, it speaks of being FAITHFUL to the AUTHORITY. Let’s yield ourselves to God so HE has us, not the control that comes from power and influence of wealth.

1 Samuel 22-24

David is called, anointed, and appointed by GOD. He didn’t have the best army behind him, but David had GOD on his side. His army of mighty men included those who were:

Do we know that if we are DOWN, it is GOD who will bring us UP, and guess who will get the glory in our story? That’s right – GOD will get all the glory because there is no way we could have done that on our own.

King Saul kills 85 priests and others because they supported David, God’s anointed. Saul is setting himself against God Himself. God protects David from Saul’s wrath a few times. David gives the credit for that to the Lord.

Let’s make sure we are giving God the credit for what He is doing in our lives as well.

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April 12

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April 11

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