April 21

Luke 18:1-17

Verse 8 says, “When the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?”
This parable is concerning the Second Coming of Christ.
Faith is a desperate dependency on God that refuses to let go of hope in God.
In the last days, will Christ find men and women who are that desperate, calling for His return? Calling for help day and night?

Then in verse 9, we see Jesus’ audience: those “WHO TRUSTED IN THEMSELVES THAT THEY WERE RIGHTEOUS, AND DESPISED OTHERS.” He gave a parable of Pharisee INSIDE the temple who thought of himself not as other “like other men” who sinned, as well as mentioning his works. Then Jesus mentioned a man AFAR OFF that knew his need for mercy and cried out to God for help. Today, Christians can be the same. After coming to Christ, if we aren’t careful to stay humble, a Christian could get lifted up in pride, despising others who aren’t “as good” as they are. These self-sufficient Christians don’t do the wrong things and they do the right things, trusting in their own ability rather than realizing their need and putting their trust in God.

Then Jesus speaks of the children belonging to the kingdom of God because of their dependent nature. We are to become like children, leaning on the Lord as those in need of care. Thankfully, the Lord does care for us, and we can find what we need in Him!

2 Samuel 1-3

Saul was in agony, having tried to take his own life after taking an injury that would lead to a slow death. Saul threw himself on his sword, but had not been successful in suicide. He asked the Amalekite to end his suffering. Some would consider that a mercy killing. However, David did not. To take a life is murder, and to take the life of a man anointed by God to be leader of the nation of Israel was worthy of death.

We can learn to show honor to the leaders that God puts over us. Saul was not in the position of being king on his own. He was anointed by God for a leadership office. Let’s be honorable to leadership in the kingdom of God.

David mourned Jonathan, a friendship that had a strong bond. He also mourned Saul. Even though Saul tried to kill David, David still loved him and wept over his passing. Jesus tells us to love our enemies.

In chapter 2, David went to Hebron and the house of Judah anointed him as king. He had already been anointed by Samuel to identify him as God’s chosen king. The Hebrew people already knew him and respected him as a war hero. However, Abner chose one of Saul’s sons to be king over Israel, but it was not God’s choosing. David did not press his way into leadership; he allowed God to be the one to place him in position.

From this, we can learn to lean on God to place us where God has called us to be. It could be in ministry, or it could be where He wants our family, our business, or service to a community. We also need to wait on God’s timing. From the time the house of Judah anointed David until the time he was recognized as king was 7 1/2 years. When we are in reliant faith, we wait on God’s “when” not just the “what” and the “where.”

Because of Saul’s sin and hostility toward David, the houses of Saul and David continued to be at odds. It could have been different if Saul had not been offended by David, but had submitted to God’s choice and helped bring unity to the families and nation.

When we carry offenses, those offenses are not usually confined to us, but it affects all those who are associated with us. Because there are those who choose not to get the mind of God, divisions can happen between God’s people. Today, these division happen in families, churches, businesses, countries, etc. Instead of following our own ways and pointing out faults in human beings, let’s seek God and His choices. Whatever is anointed of God will grow stronger and stronger. Whatever is of man will grow weaker and weaker (2 Samuel 3:1).

In chapter 3, there are some human conflicts, but in the end, God has His way. When we step out to obey God, we can be sure that God will have His way, but there might be some things to battle and overcome to get to the place. God is faithful, and HE will help us go where He is leading!

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