August 11

Romans 11:1-21
At the time this is written, Christianity was just getting started, but Judaism had been in existence for thousands of years. To the Christian Jew, there were questions on changes to their religion. Was it being rejected or done away with? No, Judaism was not being disregarded because of Christ– it was being completed because of Christ. A new binding, blood covenant was made through Jesus. This was only possible because Jesus became one of us. The only way He could become one of us was by being born into a family. God chose Abraham to not only be the father of Jesus’ natural blood line, the Israelites, but Abraham would be a father of all Christians who enter into a new covenant through surrender to Christ. The gift of righteousness, through grace, was fulfilling the Law, not doing away with it. This is good news that salvation is for everyone!
Psalm 90, 92
Psalm 91 is a promise of covenant protection, healing, and provision for those that would come near Him in relationship in the spirit. There are three different persons in this Psalm, the speaker (Psalm 91:1, 2), the one he is speaking to (Psalm 91:3-13), and then the LORD speaks (Psalm 91:14-16). We can have confidence that God has covenanted Himself to us, and put our trust in His love and power.

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