August 12

Romans 11:22-36

This chapter has principles we can glean from for daily living, as well as a glimpse into the prophetic. God gave a basic timeline for Israel’s future in Daniel 9. The first part of the prophecy was for the Jews and it lasted 483 years. After the 483 years, there was a shift from Jew to Gentile, with the promise of a final shift back onto the Jews for 7 more years. Why was there a shift? One, Israel rejected their Messiah and disobeyed their covenant Maker. Two, a new covenant for salvation was made available to all people when received by faith. The Jews were scattered when their city and temple were destroyed. We are now in a season of the Gentiles as seen in verse 25. However, God made a promise to return and regather Israel because the gifts and callings of God do not change. We are wise to keep our eyes on Israel as we near the time for the next shift back on Israel, the final 7 years before the Day of the Lord (xref Romans 11:11, Luke 21:24, John 10:16, Hosea 2:23).

Psalm 93-95

Have you ever felt a MULTITUDE of anxieties, wave after wave, in your soul? If so, you are not alone! In Psalm 94:19, it says, “In the multitude of my anxious thoughts within me, Your comforts cheer and delight my soul!” When experiencing anxiety, whether because of fear or because of a physical disorder, God is the One who calms us. Psalm 94:13 says that God will give power to keep calm in the days of adversity.

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April 24

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