August 15

Romans 14

I think we’ve all done it – criticized someone else, found fault in another person, acted as if we know better than they do about their life or ministry before God. More than likely, we’ve also been on the other end of that stick – we’ve all experienced the one being criticized. It’s not a good feeling, is it? The truth is, we each are servants of God and are accountable to Him, so who do we think we are to put ourselves in a place of looking down on God’s son or daughter? To criticize is an attempt to control someone else’s life or ministry. Think of it this way, would we walk into a place of business and start giving instruction to someone else’s employee? Or would we go into another person’s home and tell them how to manage their finances? Or would we think to tell a pastor how to run the church? If someone is not underneath our authority, who are we to judge God’s servant? I think we can all take a knee on this one. Today let’s determine to walk in love and build one another up instead of tear one another down.

Psalm 103, 104

God blesses us, but did you realize YOU can bless HIM? To bless God means to affectionately and gratefully praise Him, and that blesses God. We can bless God for both who He is AND what He has done for us. We can bless Him for His mercy because He forgives us and removes our transgressions far, far from us. Indeed, God is loving and good and compassionate! We can bless Him for the benefits of His covenant, which includes physical healing from sickness, renewed youth, justice for the oppressed, and favor because of His kindness. Are you living a blessed life of surrender to Him today? If so, take a moment and bless Him. He is good!

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