August 21

1 Corinthians 3

In chapter 2 Paul spoke about a spiritual understanding in comparison to human knowledge. In chapter 3, Paul continues on the topic of spiritual understanding, telling these young believers that they were very immature in their spiritual understanding, which was obvious because of the divisions among them. In an effort to show these believers unity in the church, Paul compares this body of believers to a building. Paul started the church, so he was the one who laid the foundation, and the foundation was Christ. Paul then moved on into another region to reach more Gentiles. Apollos came over from Ephesus and he built on Paul’s foundation, teaching and overseeing the Corinthians church (Side note, in another Scripture, Paul said he was careful not to build on another man’s foundation. The reason was because his calling was to go to the unreached. Romans 15:20). In verse 16, Paul goes on to say that this church was God’s dwelling place and that the Holy Spirit was in them, collectively and individually. Verse 17 says that if anyone does hurt to God’s local church, to try to destroy it, they would be destroyed. It also says there is destruction for the one who would try to corrupt the local church with false teaching, You see, it’s a serious thing to God when someone splits a church body, manipulates people in the church, or teaches false doctrine in a church. A true pastor will have the heart of God, also considering it a serious matter when someone leaves a church in the wrong way. It’s a weighty matter when someone pulls people away from the church, tearing it down. It’s a heavy thing when someone teaches or persuades a church into error. Then Paul says it is good not to be proud (who are prey for deception), thinking to be wise, but foolish in bringing divisions into the church, reminding them they belong to Christ, as one.

Psalm 119:1-48

This entire Psalm has a main theme, and that is the Word of God. Let’s not think of the Word of God, the Bible, as merely a book. The words God has spoken or inspired that men wrote down, are expressions, instructions, admonishments, declarations from the heart of our Father, our Creator, our Lord. These words are unlike another other book because God Himself is the speaker and the author. In these words, there is the power of God’s life. In these words, we learn God’s ways, and these ways show us to know our intended design and function as the creatures we are, spirit beings, made in the image and likeness of God. Let God’s words sink into our hearts and souls, and let them penetrate, entwine, and become part of who we are. Let the life within them resurrect us in new life, a new way of living, a new way of thinking, a new way of experiencing the glory and majesty of God.

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