August 30

1 Corinthians 10:14-33

Do we consider others before we speak or act? We often think about ourselves – our knowledge, our experience, our interpretations, our freedom. Paul encourages the Christians not to purposefully offend other people that have different perspectives than ours. We are to lead men and women to salvation and a Savior by putting our focus on how they will receive, or how they will open their heart to God. Paul says, “Just as I myself strive to please [to accommodate myself to the opinions, desires, and interested of others, adapting myself to] all men in everything I do, not aiming at or considering my own profit and advantage, but that of the many in order that they may be saved.” Whatever we do, we are to do it with the idea of glorifying God in the situation and in the relationship. Let’s get our eyes off of us and onto someone else, in the hope of giving God the desire of His heart – people.

Psalm 142-144

We live in a fallen world and we daily feel the effects of it. One way to overcome the troubles we face on earth is to do what David did. David was often in distress because of the people who did not support his leadership and because of the enemy that was relentlessly trying to take him down. Do you ever feel that way? David seems to continually pour out his heart before the Lord, expressing his agony. He also would ask God to move, not only for his sake, but for God’s sake. Then he would end up in worship for God, leaning upon and declaring His greatness. Perhaps we should just get real with God and open up our hearts, expressing our thoughts and feelings. Then we could ask God to move, not just because it is in our interest, but because it is in God’s interest. Then we could let go of it all, pour ourselves at His feet, and worship Him as the One we know we can rely upon. God and David had a special relationship, and so can we. God would restore David’s soul, and God will restore ours as well. God moved for His son, David. He overthrew entire nations. He placed David in the bloodline of the Redeemer. God will move for us when we abandon ourselves and run into the arms of our Father.

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