December 13

Revelation 4

When interpreting the visions of John, it is best to take it literally whenever possible. Chapter 4 is John’s description of the throne room of heaven. John is living in an earthly body, and is given a spiritual vision. John tries to describe what he is seeing to the best of his ability, using the words “like” or “in appearance” nine times in this chapter.

God was describes with light and color.
Around God’s throne was a rainbow.
In the front of the throne it seemed like a sheet of glass, like crystal.
In front there were 4 different worshipping, winged creatures with eyes in front and back.
Around the throne there were 24 bowing elders in white robes and gold crowns.
There were flashes of light, thundering, and voices.
There were seven spirits, describes as 7 lamps of fire.


The book of Joel has 3 chapters, written by the prophet Joel. Like other prophetic books, much of the message is for the present and near future; however, much of it is for the distant future.

In chapter 1, there is a present-day message to the rebellious Jewish people who had experienced swarms of locusts as a result of their sin. This could also be prophetic of end times because Joel mentions there has not been anything like this before.

In chapter 1:15, the prophetic word jumps to the end times. The Day of the Lord is mentioned. From other Scriptures, we know the Day of the Lord to be the time after the Great Tribulation, after the Rapture, when God pours out His wrath and the Earth is prepared for Christ’s millennial reign. The rest of chapter 1 and through 2:11 describes the earth burnt by fire, also indicative of the purification of the Earth before His reign.

In 2:10 there are earthquakes, the heavens shaken, and a darkening of the sun, moon, and stars (Isaiah 13:9-10; 34:4; Revelation 6:12-17). This seems to be a description of a cosmic disturbance that affects both the atmosphere and the Earth during the Day of the Lord and the wrath of God.

In 2:12, there is a call to repentance. This portion of the prophetic word could be for present day; however, it could also be written to the remaining Jews who were not raptured, Jews that will live through the Day of the Lord and enter into the Millennium.

I also want to mention that a trumpet is mentioned, once in 2:1 and once in 2:15. In 2:1 the trumpet sound is before the Day of the Lord and might describe the trumpet sound at the time of the catching away of God’s saints, or the Rapture. In 2:15, it could be describing the same trumpet, a call to repentance for the remaining Jews on the Earth.

In 2:28-29, there is another break starting with “And it shall come to pass afterward.” This begins the portion that Peter quoted from on the Day of Pentecost after the Holy Spirit had been poured out.

Then in verse 30, there is another break starting with the word “and.” The prophetic word returns to describes the Day of the Lord, following the season of the Gentiles.

Then in chapter 3, we see a gathering and judgment of nations. In verse 14 there is another reference to the Day of the Lord in verse 16 a shaking of the heavens and earth, and Jerusalem is set apart. In 3:18 is a description of the Millennium.

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