December 19

Revelation 10

We’ve read about the first and second woes, or sorrows. However, the third woe doesn’t come until Revelation 11:15. Chapter 10 through 11:14 is an interlude in prophecy, where the Holy Spirit goes back with a layer of prophecy, giving us more detail to the Great Tribulation, or the last half of the seven years for the Jews (Daniel’s 70th week).

John sees a vision of a mighty angel with a little book. John is privy to hearing the seven thunders speak; however, John is told to seal those things and not share them with others.

The angel came down and had one foot on the sea and the other foot on the land, he refers to God as the creator of the land and sea, and speaks about the seventh trumpet. The angel said the prophets have prophesied about this trumpet. This seventh trumpet would bring an end, finishing the mystery of God.

The voice from heaven tells John to eat the little book. It was sweet to his mouth, but it made his stomach bitter. John was told there was more prophecy to share, prophecy about many peoples, nations, languages, and kings; and much of the prophecy would involve judgment.

Micah 1-3

Micah was a contemporary with Isaiah. Micah’s prophecies were mostly concentrated on the southern kingdom of Judah, but also included the northern kingdom of Israel.

A favorite verse of mine is in 2:7, “Is the Spirit of the Lord restricted? Are these His doings? Do not My words do good to him who walks uprightly?” As I read it, I say, “No, the Holy Spirit is NOT restricted!” I say, “YES, God’s words do GOOD for the one who walks uprightly by the grace of God.”

In chapters 1 and 2, Micah gives a word from God, describing His greatness and His judgment. In 2:12-13, the prophecy speaks of restoration and the Messiah, gathering His people like a shepherd gathers His sheep into His fold. “The One who breaks open” also means “deliverer,” who is the Christ!

In chapter 3, God condemns false prophets – those who say, “Peace,” when God is giving a message of repentance and judgment. These messengers of God are making up words the people want to hear. In actually, these people are not hearing from God. The same happens today. There are preachers who say they prophecy hope, but they are speaking from their own mind in order to draw people into their sphere of influence so their ministry can be increased. If their prophecy doesn’t come to pass, they blame the people for not doing what they should have done to cause the Word of God to be accomplished. Many people will be deceived, unfortunately, but the wise will listen to the ministers who speak truth, like Micah.

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