December 20

Revelation 11

Again, we are getting detail on the Great Tribulation, the last half of the Jews’ seven years. This prophecy is given in between the first two woes and the coming third woe, which we see in verse 15.

The Great Tribulation occurs after the Abomination of Desolation when the Antichrist destroys temple sacrifice and turns on the Jewish people. In verse 2, the angel says the Gentiles will tread on the holy city for 42 months, or 3 ½ years.

Throughout this time, there are two men who will prophesy. They are known as the two witnesses, sharing what they see and hear of the Lord. They are referred to as the two olive trees and two lampstands that are before God (Zechariah 4:2-3).

These two prophets speak with authority, and the power of heaven backs them up. They can stop rain, harm water, and call for plagues. They will cause judgment and torment to the people on the Earth, and they will be hated.

These two prophets cannot be harmed during their ministry, even though many will want to harm them. God is protecting them so they live throughout the 42 months and become a sign at the end of their lives.

Do you remember that the prophet Elijah called for a drought, and it did not rain for 42 months (James 5:17-18; 1 Kings 17:1, 18;1, 42)? That was a foreshadow of the Great Tribulation, a time that ended when fire came out of heaven. It was a time when judgment came against Baal, a type of the Antichrist. For 3 ½ years God allowed a drought and God allowed Baal to have control over His people, but it came to an end at the appointed time, as will the Great Tribulation.

At the end of the 42 months (the end of the Great Tribulation, the end of the Jew’s 70th week), the testimony of the two prophets is complete. The beast will kill the two prophets and their bodies will lay in the streets of Jerusalem for 3 ½ days as a celebration of their death. The Bible says that the whole world will see their bodies, easily broadcasted with technology we have today. In verse 8, Jerusalem is called Sodom and Egypt, a comparison to the spiritual perversity and opposition to God in that city during the Antichrist’s rule.

After the 3 ½ days, the life of God will resurrect the two prophets, causing fear in the hearts of the people who witness it. The two prophets hear a voice from heaven saying, “Come up here!” They ascend to heaven in a cloud, in front of their enemies.

While the word “rapture” is not in the Bible, the rapture describes a catching away. It could be that the voice the two prophets hear is the voice all Christians hear as they are raptured into the clouds of the air, “Come up here!”

In the same hour there is a great earthquake, a tenth of Jerusalem falls, seven thousand are killed, the rest fear God and give Him glory.

When the seventh trumpet sounds, John describes loud voices in heaven, the heavenly temple is opened, and worship for the Father. We know from other Scripture that before the rapture, the trumpet will sound, the dead in Christ will rise, and those who are alive and remain will be caught up into the air with Christ.

As this happens, there are lightnings, noises, thunderings, an earthquake, and great hail falling from the heavens. This is the third woe.

Micah 4-5

Micah 4:1-8 describes the millennium, Christ’s 1,000-year reign on the Earth from Jerusalem (Zion). Jews are gathered and the Messiah is protecting them.

Micah 4:9-13 could be prophetic of the Maccabees who purified the temple and won independence from surrounding nations.

Micah 5:2-5a is prophetic of the coming Messiah. In verse 2 it is prophesied that Jesus would come from Bethlehem. Bethlehem is a small town, chosen to bring forth the King of the world. It was Joseph’s town, so either God knew ahead of time that Joseph would be the one to raise the Son of God, or we know God’s choice would be a man from Bethlehem. Mary was chosen as a woman highly favored of God. She was also chosen because her husband was from Bethlehem, fulfilling this prophecy.

The rest of chapter 5 is judgment on Israel’s enemies. Verse 8 says that the remnant of the Jews is among the Gentiles. This was true during their captivity and this is true today!

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