February 5

Matthew 23:23-39


Jesus continues to warn the people about the religiously proud people. One reason is simply because of the death they bring to the grace of God. A second reason is because they have been and will be one of the greatest enemies to the kingdom in those days, attempting to suppress the move of God. A third reason is because whatever generation that has followed, including today, it is the religiously proud that have tried to control and manipulate the church, its leadership, and the Holy Spirit Himself.  


How do you recognize religiously proud:

  1. They think they’re right. They usually have no idea how wrong they are. They are self-deceived (verse 19).
  2. They resist what God is doing in the Spirit (verse 13, 31). 
  3. They want often want to be held in high esteem (verse 1, 6).
  4. They often look for a superior position or title (verse 7-10).
  5. Instead of serving where there is a need, they pick and choose what they will do (verse 11-12). 
  6. They want to make things hard on others in order to dominate them (verse 4). 
  7. They show rejection and judgment to those in sin, being harsh instead of extending understanding, grace, and forgiveness (verse 23). 
  8. They want to pull authority down to their level. They even try to control their authority, spiritual or otherwise. (verse 31, 34-35).
  9. They are hypocrites, pretending, doing things for show (verse 14).
  10. They work hard to replicate their rules and regulations in a younger generation, but they are hard to find because very few embrace condemnation (verse 15).
  11. They give, not to give freely, but to control the church and its leaders (verse 23). 
  12. They want to separate from the world instead of reach it. Even if they become a Christian, they want people to enter into the same bondage they are in (verse 15). 


Exodus 37-38


In Exodus 37, the ark of the tabernacle, the table of showbread, the golden lampstand, the altar of incense, and the anointing oil are made ACCORDING TO THE DESIGN.


In Exodus 38, the altar for the burnt offering, the bronze laver, the fence for the court, and other materials of the tabernacle are made ACCORDING TO THE DESIGN.


I see faith. I see dependency on God. I see obedience. I see the anointing on the artists and craftsmen. 


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