July 28

Acts 27:26-44

There are 276 people on this ship. Paul is a leader, and he is taking leadership in a crisis, even though he is the prisoner. He encourages them to eat. They eat, then throw other provisions off the boat to lighten their load.

They planned to kill the prisoners so they would not escape; but again, we see God use a Roman centurion to save Paul’s life. God’s purpose for Paul would be fulfilled!

Psalm 53-55

Psalm 53 was written by David in consideration of Israel’s corruption and a call for the restoration of Israel.

Psalm 54 was written by David when the Ziphites uncovered David’s location to Saul. In verse 1, David asks God to save and vindicate him by His name. This is covenant talk, calling on God to keep His promise that is as good as His name.

Psalm 55 was written by David as well, putting his trust in God, even when his companion (Ahithophel, 2 Samuel 15:31) turns against him. In Psalm 55:22, David says God will sustain the righteous. The Hebrew word for sustain is “chul” meaning, “to maintain, nourish, provide food, bear, hold up, protect, support, defend; to supply the means necessary for living.” God is able to do what only God can do!

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