July 5

Acts 13:1-22

A group in Antioch were in prayer, ministering to the Lord, fasting. Out from this time of spiritual seeking God, God calls Saul (Paul) and Barnabas to be sent out to reach more people for Christ. The group laid hands on them and sent them out. When laying hands on them, they were transferring anointing, an impartation for ministry, and commissioning the men to go.

In verse 4, we know it was not just the Christian leadership, but also the Holy Spirit that sent Saul and Barnabas. The Holy Spirit has the strategy; He knows God’s plan for the kingdom and for our individual lives.

When Jesus sent out His disciples and teams, He also sent them out by two. There was accountability and support of one another. John Mark was also on the first of Paul’s missionary journeys.

They minister in several places, teaching with signs and wonders following. Praise the Lord!

Job 31-32

In chapter 31, Job continues to defend his integrity. In verse 1, he says he has made a covenant with his eyes, not to lust after young women. Jesus told the men that to look upon a woman, to lust after her, was sin (Matthew 5:27-28). As we are growing in our salvation and being transformed into His likeness, those sinful desires will be replaced by holy desires. Our part is to be careful what we allow ourselves to look at or listen to or experience. If it isn’t holy, whether it is lust or violence or greed or another sin, we have to make the choice to separate from it.

For the next five chapters, starting in 32, we read the fourth friend’s thoughts. Elihu is younger than the other three, so he kept quiet until after Job finished addressing them. Elihu also confronts Job. He speaks of the greatness of God, which is good, but then he says mankind has no right or authority to require an explanation, which is condemning of Job. He also accuses Job of pride and self-justification, having the opinion that Job should change his posture before the Lord. In chapter 32, Elihu is angry that no cause has been found for Job’s suffering and Job has not let go of his argument that he has done nothing wrong. In verse 10, Elihu says, “I also will declare my opinion.” We can learn from this. Paul says in Romans 16 that we should not be wise in our own opinion. In some circumstances, instead of talking out our perspectives, perhaps we need to be seeking God in prayer. God is our answer.

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