June 14

John 21

This last chapter of John’s Gospel tells us about Jesus by the sea, Peter’s restoration and a note on not comparing one life’s purpose to another’s.

In verse 7, we read that Peter saw Jesus on the shore of the sea. Peter, who had denied Jesus three times, loved the Lord. Instead of waiting for the boat to pull in their nets and catch of fish with to get to shore, Peter PLUNGES into the sea to swim to Jesus. This was the third time Jesus appeared to the disciples after His resurrection. Jesus then speaks to Peter directly, reaffirming the call on His life and confirming the motivation for ministry – love for the Master.

If we answer the call to minister without having the motivation of love, then we won’t represent Christ well, and we often won’t fulfill our purpose. In addition, if we compare our life’s call to someone else’s, we could get off track with vision or values. What God decides to do with someone else is God’s responsibility, and it isn’t our business. We need to “stay in our lane,” and respect God’s authority in someone else’s life. Our focus needs to be on what God is asking us to do, and He will do it!

Ezra 6-8

In chapter 6, Darius confirms the activity of the Jews. The temple is completed and dedicated, and Passover is celebrated.

Chapter 7 begins the second part of the book when Ezra leads the second group back to Jerusalem. King Artaxerxes writes a letter of support of Ezra and the second wave of Jews returning to Jerusalem. In the middle of building and restoration, the Hebrews had opposition. The people fast and pray for protection on their journey.

When God calls us to build something for Him, we should expect controversy and opposition from the enemy. Satan’s opposition is often seen in how he works through people. Let’s not be surprised when people abandon a vision or even work against a vision from God. The enemy is not going to roll over while we accomplish kingdom business. However, we have authority over the enemy. We can bind him through Christ, stopping him from his mission. While other people have free will, we can still bind Satan and release a revelation from God so people can make an informed and wise choice. The enemy is a deceiver, and he works to destroy. Jesus is our Champion, and He overcame the enemy. We have the victory over Satan through Jesus Christ our Lord!

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