June 7

John 16:16-33

In verse 19, it says Jesus knew the disciples wanted to ask Him a question about His being on earth for a “little while.” He may have known by the Spirit of God, a word of knowledge. He told them they would be sorrowful, but then their sorrow would be turned into joy. Jesus cared about how they would react to His departure. He didn’t want them to be discouraged.

In verse 24, Jesus also mentioned a joy that comes when they ask and receive from the Father in His name.

In verse 25, Jesus tells His disciples He will talk with them plainly, not in figurative language. As we have seen before, Jesus spoke in parables and mysteries, requiring understanding to come by revelation of the Spirit to the humble and the seeking. In verse 29, they acknowledge that Jesus is speaking directly.

Jesus says that He is explaining His departure and their mission plainly because they will be facing tribulations, and He wanted them to have peace and cheer.

Today, Jesus wants us to have the same in a world of tribulations. He wants us to have peace and joy in faith in Him.

2 Chronicles 23-25

Athaliah dies. People put Joash on the throne at age 7, and he reigns for forty years in Jerusalem, continuing David’s lineage on the throne. Joash did what was right in the sight of the Lord. When he grew into an adult, he repairs the temple. The people got behind his vision and gave financially. Later in life, Joash turned away from the Lord, worshipped idols, and died.

Chapter 25 covers the reign of Amaziah. He did what was right, but not with a loyal heart. There is a war against Edom and Judah wins. The northern and southern tribes enter into a conflict, and Judah is defeated, losing treasure from the temple and palace. The tribes remained divided.

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