March 15

Mark 15:1-26

Pilate marveled that Jesus did not defend Himself, especially when Pilate knew what Jesus was facing – the torture would be fierce. Pilate was inclined to let Jesus go, but his hands were someone tied without Jesus giving a defense. This is because Jesus was willingly laying His life down to reconcile men and women to God.

In verse 10, it says Pilate knew the chief priests handed Jesus over to them because they were envious of Jesus and His ministry. They wanted the influence that Jesus had received as a spiritual leader, so they wanted to end His life and His ministry. They didn’t know what they were doing.

The Roman soldiers were violent men, and they did not hold back on their torture. Not only did they mock Him with a crown of thorns, but then they struck His head, driving the thorns into Jesus’ scalp. Every time I read about Jesus’ crucifixion, it makes me feel ill, and I’m just thankful it’s done and over. I also get fired up about what He paid for, making sure I don’t live short of what He did for me. Healing is mine – it was paid for. Provision is mine – it was paid for. Authority, power, dominion – it was paid for. Let’s make sure we are receiving it all, and let’s make sure we are sharing this Good News so others can be saved and blessed as well. Jesus did not die in vain! We live for HIM, our KING!

Deuteronomy 26-27

Chapter 26 finishes up Moses’ second message on the laws. He teaches on the tithe, God’s portion of the income we receive. The Lord also tells the Israelites that they are a unique and special people because of their role in the salvation story. We all are unique and special to God, and we all have our part in His kingdom.

In chapters 27-30, Moses has a third message, a definite new start and ending. In these chapters, Moses gives instruction for a ceremony once they cross the Jorden. We will also read about covenant sanctions and the covenant oath.

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