March 18

Luke 1:1-23

God chose a family for a prophet to be born into. John the Baptist would be raised to know the Lord from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood. John would be the first prophet in 400 years to break the silence and prophesy to the nation of Israel. Let’s look at the family God chose.

Zacharias was a priest in the temple and his wife, Elizabeth, was a descendent of Aaron, the high priest. This couple was said to be righteous before God, walking in both the commandments and the ordinances of God. They were older, and Elizabeth was barren. John would be a miracle child, born by the grace and power of God. John would be raised around the temple. John would be raised to know the Word of the Lord and admonished to live a holy life.

John was born in answer to a prayer. God heard Zacharias request for a son, and God gave John to Zacharias. He was older, and Elizabeth was barren, unable to conceive. Do we want to receive a miracle, to experience the supernatural? Do we want to make God known and allow Him to be seen? Then we have to be willing to experience a need that provides God the opportunity to work. Do you have a need? Are you coming to God in faith and reliance and obedience? Well, praise God, if so, you are in a good place for a miracle!

Deuteronomy 31-32

Chapter 31 begins a section that takes us to the end of Deuteronomy. This section is on Moses’ final words and death. Moses tells the people that Joshua will be leading them to cross the Jordan. He exhorts them by saying God would be the one to help them dispossess the wicked inhabitants, referring to the previous enemies they conquered on the east side of the Jordan. Moses tells them to be strong and courageous in the faith in Jehovah. He will not leave you or forsake you. How can they move in with courage? By knowing that God is the One who goes before them! God also goes before us, clearing the way for us to walk into our destiny!

Moses finished writing the law and then gave the instruction to read the covenant every seven years. It was to be read at the Feast of Tabernacles, when Israel came together in Jerusalem, so that every child would hear the Law. Then the Lord has Israel write a song and teach it to Israel. In verse 29, Moses confirms what we all know – Israel would turn away from the Law, unable to keep it. This was the point of the Law, to let us know our need for a Savior.

Chapter 32 is the song of Moses, telling of God’s help for Israel, even though they failed. God helped them based on His choice to use Israel.

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