March 24

Luke 4:1-30

As we read about Jesus’ temptation, we can see that when agendas get outside of dependency, they become manipulation. Jesus refused to try to manipulate God, but instead to live in reliance on the word of God.

In verse 12, it was when Jesus heard that John was put into prison that He went into Galilee. John was His forerunner, and now it was His time.

Jesus is rejected in Nazareth when He makes the bold claim that Isaiah 61:1-2 is about Him. Then Jesus remarks about their unbelief, recalling times when God went outside of Israel to Gentiles because Jews would not receive Him. They were so angry at His words that they tried to kill Him. However, by supernatural help, Jesus slipped out of their grasp.

Perhaps you have been rejected by people who wanted to get familiar with you, to try to pull you down to their level. If you want to walk in a true anointing, you most likely will experience some rejection. When you suffer for Christ’s sake, God will cause you to know His power and glory. Let’s get over ourselves and live in a way that Jesus is known!

Joshua 11-13

In chapter 11 and 12, we read about conquests under Joshua’s leadership. By verse 13, Joshua had grown to be advanced in years. In this chapter we read about the land yet to be conquered and the land that has already been possessed.



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