March 5

Mark 10:32-52

Starting in verse 32, this is Mark’s third account of Christ telling of His death and resurrection. This lets us know that Jesus wanted His disciples to understand what was going to happen before it happened.

Starting in verse 35, James and John, the sons of Zebedee, requested the top positions of honor, on Jesus’ right and left. When the other ten heard about, they were not happy with James and John. Jesus described greatness to His team – it was in serving.

The rest of chapter 10 is about Jesus healing blind Bartimaeus. Let’s take a closer look at this story:
He was blind, and in those days, being blind limited a person from doing much work.
Being at a disadvantage, Bartimaeus’ livelihood depended on others giving to him.
Blindness was considered a direct punishment for sin of the family.
Blindness prevented people from going into the temple.
Bartimaeus was a beggar, which could be seen as an annoyance to some.
Bartimaeus was desperate.
Bartimaeus perceived that there was an unusually large crowd.
He must have heard of Jesus because when he found out who it was, he called to Him.
Bartimaeus cried out for mercy, or compassion.
Bartimaeus cried out to Jesus as “the Son of David,” a Messianic term.
The people around Bartimaeus tried to quiet him down, but Bartimaeus knew this was his chance to see and to have a better life. The more they tried to silence him, the more Bartimaeus shouted out.
He got Jesus’ attention. Jesus heard the cried for mercy and the call for the Messiah, and Jesus stopped in the road. He called for him.
Bartimaeus threw off his coat. Why is this recorded? Because different coats meant different things. A coat identified a person. Bartimaeus threw off his beggar clothes and with anticipation, got up to meet Jesus.
Jesus asks Bartimaeus what He wants from Him. He could do many things for him, but what did he specifically want?
Bartimaeus called Jesus, “Rabboni,”calling Jesus, “My Great One.” It’s personal, and it’s identifying Jesus as His. The term also acknowledged Jesus’ power and authority.
Bartimaeus asked for Jesus to give him sight, to heal his eyes.
Jesus said, “Go your way.” He granted it, releasing him to go on.
Jesus said, “Your faith has made you well.” Healing is available. The healing came as a result of Bartimaeus pursuing and pulling on what was available to him.
Here is another one of Mark’s “immediately” word uses.
Bartimaeus followed Jesus on the road.

What can we take away from this event?
We live in a world that has been affected by sin. We’ve all sinned.
Faith has a desperation, relying on Jesus to be the answer.
We shouldn’t let anyone or anything keep us from Jesus or from what Jesus has called us to do.
We don’t deserve what we receive; we receive by mercy.
When the Holy Spirit is moving, don’t just sit there; get up and get what we need.
Recognize that Jesus is ours and we are His.
Faith pursues. It wasn’t just open to the idea of Jesus coming to him. Bartimaeus when to Jesus.
Receive it when we ask for it.
Do something we couldn’t do before. Follow Him.

Numbers 34-36

In attaining the promise, vision and administration was necessary. Delegation and leadership empowerment was required. Guidance from authority was a blessing. The land was wide open before them. How would it be divided? If there wasn’t a leader, the people would be divided instead of the land. Leadership kept the group working together with a plan, with the right heart, with unity.

A spiritual leader is to be whole and holy. God is not asking you to submit to a leader who is trying to lead you with sin in their heart or false doctrine on their lips.

In addition to the overall instruction of dividing up the inheritance, God gives cities for Levites, for places of refuge, and for female heirs. Moses is still being used by God to give instruction as their proven leader, assuring that everyone has their allotment. It is important that leaders have that overall plan, otherwise the weak could be neglected or taken over by the strong. God cares for each of us with all of His heart.

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