May 16

John 6:1-21

When Jesus fed the multitude, which if women and children were present would be over twenty thousand people, He gave thanks for the food He had. We also should be thankful for what is in our hand, and then by faith believe God will do whatever He has to do to be our sufficiency.

Jesus then tells them to gather up what is leftover so that nothing is lost, or wasted. God cares about everything and everyone. He doesn’t want anything that we have to be wasted. He uses all things to work them together for our good.

In verses 15-21, Jesus escaped from the crowd because the people wanted to take Him and force Him to be their King. In choosing a king, they wanted to overthrow Rome and be free. Jesus knew His purpose was to die and expand a spiritual kingdom, so He withdrew. Later He joined His disciples in their boat, and the way to get to them was by walking on the sea, so He miraculously did that. God will do what is necessary in our life, even if a miracle is required, so we can get to where we are going to serve His kingdom purpose.

2 Kings 15-17

The one defining characteristic of all the kings was the mention of whether or not they did evil or what was right in the sight of the Lord. God does not separate religion from governments. God is the ultimate authority, and whether or not someone surrenders to His authority is a matter that God notices and to which He responds.

In chapter 17, Israel, the northern tribes, were taken into captivity by Assyria in 725 B.C. because of their wickedness.

As Christians, it is our responsibility to pray for civil leaders to know the Lord and see the truth, to pray for our nation, and to pray God’s will be done. It is our responsibility to respect and honor them as we discuss and communicate our beliefs with others. It is our responsibility to take our authority to bind the enemy from working against humanity. Let’s submit to God and see His will accomplished in the world today.

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