May 25

John 9:24-41

The Pharisees bring back the man who was healed from blindness. They told the man they could agree that God healed him, but not through Jesus Christ, saying He was a sinner. They continue to question the healed man, and he does talk back with the Pharisees, stating that Jesus could not have done such a miracle without God. They cast him out, not just that day, but an excommunication from the synagogue for believing Jesus was from God.

In verses 35-41, Jesus finds the man and makes sure he knows who He is, and the man believes Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus then speaks of spiritual blindness and spiritual sight. Pharisees were near and asked, “Are we blind also?” Jesus addresses the Pharisees who were not only void of understanding, but false shepherds. They were in leadership positions in the synagogue, saying they had knowledge and understanding, but keeping people at a distance from life in God through Christ.

1 Chronicles 14-16

David is established as king. He brings the ark to Jerusalem, then gives thanks to the Lord through a song. Regular worship is put into place.

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