November 8

Hebrews 5

Jesus is the answer for the world today!

Today we read about Jesus being our mediator, our go-between. Hebrews 5:2 describes the role of a priest, “able to exercise gentleness and forbearance toward the ignorant and erring, since he himself also is liable to moral weakness and physical infirmity.” Jesus, as the Son of Man, personally experiencing the human condition, understanding the deceitfulness of sin and the disastrous effects of separation from God, and He is compassionate on us. He is gentle and humble in spirit, caring deeply for us as His brothers and sisters.

Jesus, as the Son of God, intimately knows the heart of our Father, His righteousness, and the power of His glory. Jesus knew God wanted to reconcile us. When God sent Jesus to be our sacrifice, He willingly chose to go on our behalf. He became our mediator.

We see God’s plan for Jesus and our redemption as soon as sin became a separator. God said to Satan in Genesis 3:15, that One was coming who would bruise his head. Another indicator of His plan for Jesus is seen In Genesis 14, God had a priest named Melchizedek, one who would make sacrifices for himself and others. Melchizedek was another type of Christ (Psalm 110:4).

From the beginning, God chose Jesus to be our answer. Hallelujah! Now He has made us to be priests and kings (Revelation 1:6) for others. He expects us to be gentle and forbearing, compassionate and understanding, leading others to the same salvation we have received through Jesus Christ.

Jeremiah 49-50

Jeremiah delivers more messages of judgment, speaking again of the scattering and regathering of the Jews (50:36-39), a message of consequence and restoration. This applies to the Return to Jerusalem, and is also prophetic of Christ’s Second Return, regathering the Jews after their scattering from Rome in 70 AD. In 49:16 we see this repeated message on pride, or a self-sufficient attitude, as being their fall. 1 Corinthians 10:12 says, “Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.” Let’s learn this lesson. Humility is the required position for knowing God and participating in His abundant life. Let’s be on guard for religious pride as well. It is blinding, keeping the present day church from receiving our full freedom in Christ.

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