October 18

2 Thessalonians 1

In His first letter, Paul wrote on the second coming. In this second letter, Paul continues to talk about the world and what will happen before the return of the Lord. Perhaps the church family at Thessalonica overreacted to the first letter and needed to get perspective on living their life on the earth. In verses 10-12, Paul refers to the Day of the Lord and eternity. In verse 11, Paul admonished the Thessalonian believers to life worthy of the Christian call and to fulfill God’s purpose in them.

Isaiah 65-66

Starting in Isaiah 65:11 and through the remainder of the book, we read about the millennium and beyond. During the wrath of God, after the rapture, we read that the earth is going to undergo fire, refining it. God is going to restore the earth’s atmosphere to what it was before the flood, where lifespans will be lengthy and animal natures will be peaceable. During the millennium there will be births and deaths. All the nations will gather and worship the Lord together. Those who chose to rebel will suffer the torments of hell. It is wise to choose to humble ourselves before the Lord, not only then; but now.

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