October 5

Philippians 1

Apostle Paul wrote this letter to the church in Philippi. He wrote it from his prison cell. In chapter 1, Paul writes, “I am convinced and sure of this very thing, that He Who began a good work in you will continue until the day of Jesus Christ [right up to the time of His return], developing [that good work] and perfecting and bringing it to full completion in you.”

Thankfully the good Lord loves us right where we’re at, and gently leads us to grow up in Him, spiritual step by spiritual step. The Holy Spirit continues to work on transforming us into the image of Christ throughout our lifetime. As we grow, we become more and more like Christ; however, no one is completely made perfect until we receive our resurrected bodies. God knows this better than we know it ourselves, and He works with us anyway. Don’t get discouraged when you see your own shortcomings and weaknesses. Instead, yield yourself to the Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to work spiritual maturity and holiness in your life.

Paul continues to write about this growing process. in verse 9, Paul prays the Christians grow in love, knowledge, insight, and discernment. As part of our development, in verse 10, Paul encourages the Christians to sense what is right and walk blamelessly.

Instead of pointing out the imperfections in ourselves and others, let’s focus on the Perfect One, Jesus Christ. Let’s grow in God’s grace, leaning on Him, receiving His mercy, and going from one level of His glory to another!

Isaiah 31-33

We read more prophetic Messianic Scripture in these chapters, much of it focused on Jerusalem, or Zion, the city of God. In Isaiah 33:17 it says, “Your eyes will see the King in His beauty (or splendor).” The King is the One who reigns. Jesus is the One who now reigns in our hearts, and will reign in the earth. He has authority, power, might, and dominion. Any nation that has tried to rule independently of Him, will fall. One description of His kingdom is found in Isaiah 33:24 “And the inhabitant will not say, ‘I am sick:’ the people who dwell in it will be forgiven their iniquity.” The kingdom we belong to will reflect the heart of the King – a heart to save and rescue, a heart to heal and restore! What a great King we serve!

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