September 2

1 Corinthians 12

There is tremendous and limitless power available to the Christian through the power of the Holy Spirit both in our individual life as well as our collective whole. Together, as individuals and local churches, we make up one kingdom, and Jesus Christ is our King. The Holy Spirit is the same Spirit, yet there are varieties of ministries, operations, and endowments (or gifts). We are instruments that God works with. When we yield and obey Him, He is able to accomplish His work. It is the Holy Spirit that will lead and empower us for God’s purpose. God calls each of us to do our individual part, not the part of someone else, to contribute to the whole. When God flows through us in gifts, operations, and ministries, we are to consider ourselves, our local church, and the kingdom of God. When we submit to Christ as our King, it will show in the way we work with others. When we are in unity, the anointing is increased. When we walk in love, there is more power available to us. Let’s keep both the big picture and our smaller picture in perspective, allowing Christ to expand and strengthen His kingdom.

Proverbs 1-2

Proverbs is a book of wisdom, written mostly by King Solomon, David’s son. To receive the wisdom of God, one first must have reverence for God to the point of yielding ourselves to His lordship, and then putting action to our dependency (Proverbs 1:7). Along with yielding to God, is submission to His wisdom and the authorities He has placed over us, such as a parent, a teacher, an employer, a civil leader, or a spiritual leader. If you think you know more than your leader, your heart will shut off to the growth God would have given to you under that leader’s instruction. Leaders will receive insight and ability to equip and empower others when relying on the Lord and giving Him the praise and glory. Along with spiritual wisdom is entrance into a greater flow of God’s anointing. Let’s get wisdom so we are better trained to operated together with God and others.

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