September 22

2 Corinthians 13

Do we need help living a life for Christ? Yes, we do! When Paul speaks to the Corinthians about living a holy lifestyle, he says of Christ, “He is not weak and feeble in dealing with you, but is a mighty power within you.” Paul says in verse 4, Jesus was crucified in weakness, “yet He goes on living by the power of God!” Then Paul reminds us that we are not on our own when living right before God. Jesus has provided for us a mighty power within us in the Holy Spirit to overcome temptation and transform us to become more and more like Him in right living. We may be weak in ourselves, but God isn’t looking for our perfection. God is looking for our surrender, so He can be the strength we need to overcome sin.

Song of Solomon 4-5

In The Beloved’s first coming, there is a love exchange, spending time together eating and drinking. In Chapter 5 verse 2, The Beloved has gone. The Shulamite is troubled at His departure. She is struck by the watchmen and took her veil away. The daughters of Jerusalem ask her, “Where is your beloved?” This reminds me of the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD and the dispersing of the Jewish people. It also reminds me of the Jews who expected a king to save them from the Romans, but questioned why Jesus, if He was the Messiah, did not overturn Rome. See Hosea 5:13-15.

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