September 27

Galatians 5

There are a few things that hinder a move of God. One, Christians living in sin. Two, Christians living in legalism or religious pride. In this chapter, we see how to overcome sinful desires. If we were to compare desires to fires, the more you feed them, the more they grow. To overcome the sinful desires of the flesh (unregenerate soul and body), then feed the spirit. Starve your soul or your flesh of unholy things, and feed yourself spiritually by reading the Bible, praying, worshipping, going to church regularly, and serving others. This chapter lists what the flesh produces, speaking to the Christian, and it lists what the reborn spirit produces, the fruit of the spirit. All in all, it is loving God and loving people that motivate us to live in the spirit, feed our spirit, and walk, or act, from the spirit. It’s a much better way of living the Christian life, making way for us to be more in tune with God, hearing His voice, knowing His leading, and experiencing His anointing without hindrance, receiving freely the blessings and power of God.

Isaiah 10-12

In the Major and Minor Prophet books we see a few common threads. One, God addresses nations. Two, God mentions a coming kingdom with two comings. Three, God speaks of scattering and regathering His people. Some of the prophecy is directed at the current time period, but much of it has another meaning for the future. Unlike the United States of America and other nations, this region of the world has had several civilizations on it. The focus of the human race began here and the focus of the human race will end here; hence, the prophecy. In addition, God started an old covenant with the Jews, He started a new covenant with the Jews, and He will wrap things with a focus on the Jews. God loves us all – the Jew, the Arab and all Gentiles; His focus on the Jew is a covenant being fulfilled. When we pray for Israel, we are lining up with God’s covenant.

Isaiah 11 describes the Millennium and chapter 12 is a praise for how God was faithful to His Word, reigning from Jerusalem over the earth. What are some of the points of end time prophecy we should look at in these chapters?

One, Jesus rises and then overcomes the other nations, which is very important, showing the importance of God-sufficiency over self-sufficiency.
Two, Jesus rises as a shoot, grows, and bears fruit. Jesus came to the earth and left it in about 33 years, but His kingdom started, expanded, and has continued to bear fruit for nearly 2,000 prophetic years (360 days each). Today, we can say, the Gospel has been preached in every nation, and we know some organizations, missionaries, and even angelic visitations are continuing to reach different tribal people groups.
Three, the description of Jesus in verses 2-5 is that of a righteous judge, and in His second coming, Jesus will rule over all the world for 1,000 years.
Four, in verses 6-7, in describing the millennium, we see that animals will no longer prey upon each other, but eat vegetation.
Five, a young child will be safe around a poisonous snake, so either the snake will lose its venom or the fight response in animals will be gone.
Six, in verses 9-10, Jesus will be ruling from Jerusalem, also known as God’s holy mountain.
Seven, in verses 11-16, like many other Scriptures, God will defeat enemies of Israel and regather the Jews from around the world, from all nations. As of now, Israel has been a nation for little over 70 years, but because of the Diaspora, or the disbursement (intentional sowing, scattering) of Jews in 70 AD when the city and temple were destroyed, Jews are living in countries all over the world. This was God’s doing, keeping the Jews apart until the season for reaping the Gentiles is over.

Additional mentions:
One, the people living in the millennium are people who live it through the tribulation. Not everyone is born again. They do not have their glorified bodies.
Two, people will be having children.
Three, Satan will be bound in a pit for 1,000 years, unable to influence the world like he does today.
Four, following the 1,000 years, God releases Satan, there will be one last battle, then Satan will be thrown into the Lake of Fire forever.
Five, we are getting very close to the Millennium. It will follow the 7 year time period, the Great Tribulation (the last 3 ½ years of the 7 years), and the Day of the Lord. How do I know? We’ll discuss that when we get to Hosea. Living in these days is a privilege, something not to fear, but to take our remaining time of the earth to labor in His harvest, winning as many to the Lord as we can.

If you would like to read more on the Millennium, I have notes on growchurches.com under resources/downloads/faith/Scriptures.

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