February 14

Leviticus 18, 19

An interesting fact about Leviticus 18 is that the use of the Hebrew word for “ordinance” used in describing the “ordinances” of God and the “ordinances” of Canaan are the same Hebrew word. The rest of chapter 18 in Leviticus, particularly verses 6-23 then lists a whole range of immoral sexual practices that the cultures of Egypt and Canaan not only practiced but made ordinances allowing them. It looks as if there were laws on the books in Egypt and in the Canaanite nations regarding these immoral practices, they legislated their immorality  into their legal systems. America regrettably has done some of the same, in that we have legislated our immorality. When Roe v. Wade (1973) became the law of the land, we codified child sacrifice into our legal system, just as Canaan did in Leviticus 18:21. When Lawrence v. Texas (2003) became the law of the land and all the remaining state laws criminalizing homosexual behavior were throw out, we codified homosexual behavior into our legal system just as Canaan did in Leviticus 18:22. 


Matthew 27:32-66

In Matthew 27:51-53 we have a fascinating event that occurs because of the death and resurrection of Christ. At the death of Christ there is an earthquake (Matthew 27:51), and the graves were opened (Matthew 27:52) because of the earthquake. Three days later after the resurrection of Christ though something wonderful happens. The saints who were in the graves that were opened three days prior by the earthquake, were resurrected from the dead when Christ was raised, and went into Jerusalem and appeared to many (Matthew 27:52, 53). Can you imagine walking down the street in Jerusalem and seeing a friend or relative who had died a month, a year or five years previously and they say to you “Shalom my brother and sister.” The power exerted at the resurrection was so powerful that dead saints were raised with him. But that is not the half of it, because that same power is given to every born again believer empowering us with the power and grace to live clean holy lives before Him (Ephesians 1:19, 20). Praise God!  

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