February 9

Leviticus 7-9

The understanding of the passage of Scripture in our reading is necessary to understand what takes place in Leviticus 10. Once the Tabernacle was complete and reared (Exodus 40:33-35), the last stages for the establishment and dedication of the Aaronic Priesthood, the sacrificial system centered on the worship of God around the Tabernacle were being put in place. The how to’s on the sacrifices, the anointings of the priests, the whole system was put in place. There was a final seven day consecration of the priest commanded (Leviticus 8:31-36), and then came the eighth day. On the eighth day, the end of the seven days of consecration, God commanded Moses to have Aaron offer 8 separate sacrifices (Leviticus 9:8-21). After the offerings Moses and Aaron went  into the tabernacle and then came out and blessed the people. When they did, the glory of the LORD appeared to all the people, and a fire came out from the glory and consumed the burnt offering on the altar, when they saw it the people shouted and fell on their faces (Leviticus 9:23, 24). After such a powerful demonstration of the glory of God they all hit the deck and rightfully so. It is at this point that the two sons of Aaron do something that cost them their lives. Stay tuned for tomorrow. 


Matthew 25:31-46

In our reading today we have the judging of the sheep and goat nations at the return of Christ, with all the sheep on the right and the goats on the left (Matthew 25:31-33). What determined whether the a nation was a sheep nation or a goat nation was how they treated Christ’s brethren. Some scholars teach that it is referring to the Jew’s, to Israel exclusively. How did that nation treat Israel during their history of dealings with Israel. God told Abraham back in the beginning of their relationship:  “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee…” (Genesis 12:3). Those nations who fed, gave drink to, took in, clothed, and visited were brought into the kingdom. Those who did not, but shunned and hated the Jewish people were cast into hell (Matthew 25:35-41).     

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