Borrowed Offenses

“…If the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.” Matthew 15:14


As we mature in the Lord, even though it hurts our hearts to watch, we sometimes see younger believers make choices that will cause them trouble and distance them from knowing God more fully. It is even more tragic when we see how the enemy cunningly works to infiltrate a group of people to work against the cause of Christ. Most of the time these believers are blind to the actual plot of the enemy that is working against them and opposing God’s efforts to grow His family. One attack on the kingdom of God is through borrowed offense. 


An offended person is a hurting person who wants to trap their alleged offender and hold them to the penalty of their behavior. The opposite of offense would be to free the one who seemingly caused them harm, being careful not to be responsible for retribution in any form. 


They want to feel better, to find some relief for their suffering. Many times offended people look for those who will sympathize with them. They have a sad story, usually disguising their desire to rally against their offender by a false love. Typically the ones they target are those who are weak and hurting themselves. 


If an offended person does not let go of their offense:


The tricky thing about borrowed offense is that the offense can either be the cause of a friend or someone of influence. If the face of offense were the devil himself, most people would immediately resist him. However, when offense is hiding behind the face of a friend or family member or even a leader, the children of God are much more likely to listen and embrace their cause, even if their cause is an offense. 


It’s another generation of offense that can carry on even after the offender leaves. 


Application: If you have a close relationship with God, you will be in a better position to recognize what is not right. If you yourself are hurting or lacking in any way, you are vulnerable to attack. Like a shark, the enemy is attracted to those who are bleeding. Be careful not to easily pick up an offense or believe everything that you hear at face value.

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