Bring a Grace Magnet

“… God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” James 4:6

God resists the proud – who are the proud? The proud are not just the arrogant ones that think of themselves as superior to others. The proud are not just the ones who brag on what they can do or what they have. The proud are not just the unsaved. The Biblical definition of being proud would be anyone who relies on self to do what they can do in their own strength and understanding, by their own resources and abilities, and through their own connections and influence. Being proud is trying to find position with God based on disciplined behavior. Being proud is being self-sufficient. Being proud is being in control.

The opposite of being proud is being humble. The Biblical definition of being humble is choosing to yield to God and pursuing His ways. Being humble is surrendering to His lordship as the authority in a loving relationship. Being humble is relying on God – His strength, His resources, His influence.

The Bible says that God gives His grace to the humble, His grace being His more-than-enough sufficiency for anything that we need. God’s grace is His redemption, placing us in position with Him based on His sacrifice, not our works. His grace is His Presence in personal relationship with us. His grace is God abundantly resourcing what we need by His supply. His grace is His power and His ability to do more than what is required. His grace is more than enough, more than sufficient. His grace is His gift.

The Bible also says that God resists the proud. To resist means to oppose or to abstain from. God withhold Himself from a close relationship with the proud, even the believer who refuses to surrender. God will withhold His grace from the proud, His ability to help, even the Christian who refuses to yield. People that have to be in control, even Christians, are people that are found working against God. People that rely on their intellect are people that are found resisting God’s plans and God’s Spirit; however, people that lay aside their ideas and pursue what God wants and the way He wants it done, are people that God will grace.

You can attract God into your life. You can be like a magnet, drawing Him closer to you. His power is available to you. His resources, His direction, His wisdom, His peace – everything that He is, that He has and that He can do is for those who surrender to His love and authority.

Application: Check your surrender. Are you striving on your own in any area? If so, turn it over to God now and watch what He will do!

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