Do It Anyway

“Who are you to criticize someone else’s servant? The Lord will determine whether HIS servant has been successful. The servant will be successful because the LORD makes him successful.” Romans 14:4 GW

First of all, please notice of the LORD in Romans 14. The servant served the LORD. The LORD would determine whether or not the servant was successful. The LORD would be the one to cause His servant to be successful. When someone condemns the servant, he or she is also coming against the Lord because a servant represents his or her master.

Second, please recognize that the servant of the Lord will be successful because the servant has the help of the Lord. God isn’t calling someone to find success in their own strength, but in His strength.

Third, know it is the responsibility of the servant is to serve, no matter what the challenge or the opposition. In this case, the challenge is negative criticism. Since the servant is serving the LORD, not the critic, the servant must do what the Lord is calling him or her to do.

Are you called by God? Are you doing what He called you to do, whether it is with church, ministry, community, work or family? Then you can expect criticism. Every person who is obedient to their calling will most likely be attacked by Satan, a lost sinner or a religious saint. If you don’t want to be criticized, stay in bed. If you want to turn the world upside-down, be aware of the opposition. Why would someone criticize?

The criticizer didn’t get their way or feel they had a say-so in what you were doing. That’s a control issue.
The criticizer doesn’t like you or approve of your position. That’s a competitive issue.
The criticizer is pointing out your faults to tear you down in order to lift up himself or herself. That’s a self-centered issue.
The criticizer doesn’t want to submit to another way of doing things. That’s a compliance issue.

If someone comes against you, then obey God anyway. If they come against the servant, they come against the Lord of that servant. God is big enough to care for you and help you finish your calling. Concentrate on pleasing Him, not people, and you’ll fulfill your purpose in the Lord.

Application: Have you ever failed? Or are you perfect? For those of us who are imperfect, we can have the confidence that God is greater than us. He can take what we offer Him, whether good or not-so-good, and He can get glory in it. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!

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