Faith and Love Go Hand-In-Hand

”For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision avails anything, but faith working through love.” Galatians 5:6


Real faith avails something; real faith has results. This verse says that faith is working. That means that faith is activating, energizing, and working, and it’s working through love. 


It makes sense that faith and love go hand-in-hand. I John 4:7 tells us that God is love. If we are going to be like God and operate together with God, then we understand that God’s love must be our compelling motivation for action. No one can operate in real faith without knowing, experiencing, and demonstrating real love.


Faith is more than just believing; faith is being positioned dependently upon our Heavenly Father. In order to live a surrendered life, there has to be an established trust in who God is. When we experience God’s proven and faithful love, we can completely lean on Him in yielded obedience through our personal relationship with Him. If we do not know love, we truly do not know God, because God is love. 


When we trust God and completely pour ourselves out before Him, He can work in us and through us. If we are not experiencing the power of God in our life, it could be that we have not completely let go of ourselves and fully received the grace of God. When we open up to God and receive His love being poured into our hearts, then we have an open channel for the Holy Spirit to work through. We find wholeness in His presence, and power and anointing is resourced from being at His side.


The love of God compels us to want to give God what He desires. God sent His Son to pay the price of death to make the way for His estranged children to be reconciled to Him in relationship and in His blessing. People are the object of God’s affection. When we love what God loves, His power is accessed in the spirit and miracles happen.


Application:  Don’t try to love people with only natural human love. Spend time in God’s presence and let His love fill you. 

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