Faith and Seasons

“Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me.” John 15:4

Faith is required as we navigate our seasons. Having faith involves believing, but real faith is much more than belief. Real faith is dependency on God, a reliance that goes into action. In John 15, verses 1-17, Jesus illustrates the posture of faith, one of relationship, one where the extension (us) is attached to the supply (God), like a branch to a tree. Faith knows which one we are and which one God is, and faith will posture itself in surrender to the Lord.

Faith a continual symbiotic pursuit of connection with our supply, resulting in a flow of anointing that flows in freedom, fullness, and with a might and a mercy that words cannot describe. Without that relationship with God, there is lack, exhaustion, a spiritual shortness of breath. To excel in your season, learn to completely, not partially, lean on the Lord for strength. Without Him, we can do nothing; however, with Him, nothing is impossible (John 15:5).

How do we attain the promises of God in our season? Through faith and patience (Hebrews 6:12). Again, HOW do we succeed as children of God in a fallen world? It’s a spiritual principle and we have to put on our spiritual ears to understand it. It’s through FAITH that we succeed in the purpose of our season. It’s through FAITH that we transition from one season to the next. It’s through FAITH that our churches and ministries fulfill their God-given purpose.

Faith has assurance that God will accomplish His purpose in and through me. I can grow. I can change. I can be pruned and planted. I can bear fruit and receive God’s best for me. Faith also will have confidence that God can change and grow the people I love as I intercede for them. They can receive their miracle. Faith will stand and believe for our pastors, our churches, our ministries to accomplish our purpose in our season. Faith will stand in faith for our businesses, careers, education, and interests.

Then faith will cause us to open up our mouth and speak to our situations to change and line up with God’s promise. When we know what belongs to us, we tell our situations to line up with the promise. Faith will also cause us to open up our mouths to declare praise to God for all He does, all He is, and all that He has given to us.

Application: Winter has a rest, autumn lets things go, spring is for preparation of what’s new, and summer is for growth. Whatever your season, ask yourself, “Am I in reliance? Am I acting on my promise?”

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