From Healing to Health

“…at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Psalm 16:11


There are times when healing is a specific touch that cures a defined ailment, but divine health is a continual flow of power that we can live in everyday.  There have been occasions when a person has received a touch of God’s healing power, but later the symptoms of that physical ailment returned. This can happen for several reasons, but one reason is simply because we live in a fallen world that is dominated by both carnal and natural influences. The way to know God’s glory is through pursuing His presence in the realm of the spirit. 


God wants us to experience more than a single dose of His healing power; He wants us to seek to abide in His healing presence each day. The Bible says that there are pleasures at God’s right hand. He is our source of life, so if we are living in His presence, anything that we could ever need is found in Him. Learning and pursuing God’s presence is how we can go from experiencing a healing touch to living in divine health. 


The healing anointing is a tangible substance that works God’s life-giving power in our body. In Mark 8:22-26 Jesus ministered the healing anointing to a blind man, and then He asked the man if he saw anything. The man answered, “I see men like trees, walking.” Then Jesus put His hands on the man’s eyes a second time, and then the man could see clearly. I think this shows us that healing is a tangible power, like electricity. In this instance, we see that a second touch was needed for the healing to be complete. God wants more for us than a one-time healing experience; He wants us to live in His health. God wants more for us than to experience His anointing in church services; He wants us to know His presence individually, and continually! God’s presence isn’t just a place we should visit; it’s a place where we need to live. We were designed to plug into God’s presence, not on rare occasions, but frequently. Let His glory bring the transformation that we all need in our lives. 


Application: We need to be aware that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is residing on the inside of us. The Holy Spirit is always available to us. When we go to God in the spirit, we have all we need right here – within us! Be challenged to pursue God’s presence in your life today.  

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