Growing in Grace

“Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” 2 Peter 3:18

I love plants, and I enjoy helping things grow. When I think about a plant growing, I think about it flourishing, getting new leaves and producing a flower or a fruit. In my life, I want to grow spiritually, intellectually, economically, and more. I enjoy learning new things. New experiences are valuable to me, causing me to widen my perspective and helping me to understand people. I also want to see my family, my relationships, my church, my ministry and my business grow. As a Bible teacher, I also love to help other people grow spiritually and develop in their ministries.

We can grow in grace. We start off being saved by grace, but the Bible says in 2 Peter 3:18 that we also need to grow in grace. Sure, we need to grow and it needs to be done through grace, but we also simply need to grow in grace itself! There are different levels of grace growth. In Luke 6:37-38 Jesus said with the same measurement that we extend grace, will be same measurement that will be measured back to us. Some measurements could be smaller or larger than others. If my measurement is small, there is good news – it can grow!

In order to grow in grace, first I need to receive grace for myself. If we think we can give something we haven’t experience ourselves, we’re just fooling ourselves. We may think we are being gracious to someone else, but being kind is a lot different from the humility required to receive something we don’t deserve. The revelation knowledge God gives to us on any subject isn’t completely known until it is applied. For me to grow in grace, I must apply grace to myself. Then I can give it to others.

As I grow in grace, the Bible promises that I am opening myself up to receive a greater amount of grace. It could be that the very thing I’m desiring from God will open up to me as I open up to sharing grace with someone else. This could be the answer someone is looking for to get a breakthrough in their prayers.

Don’t be surprised if your grace isn’t tested if you set your sights onto growing in grace. God will give you the opportunities to grow if you ask for them. Thank God for the chance, take it and apply grace to it.

Application: Find someone who is struggling in some way, feeling insufficient, and help them out, in addition to praying for them. Maybe you can be gracious in giving, serving or showing kindness. Give them favor and share your strength, giving your support for where they are, and helping them to rise up a level.

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