Guard Your Ministry

“Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life.” Proverbs 4:23


If we want to fulfill our ministry, we need to guard our ministry. To guard our ministry, we need to first guard ourselves in spirit, soul, and body. As leaders, we also must put a guard on the issues that surround us in our relationships, our finances, and in our community. 


If a minister allows their heart to be overcome by discouragement, hurt, exhaustion, or stress, then their life and their ministry has been put in the danger zone. In order for the minister to protect himself or herself, they need to use wisdom and set some healthy boundaries for themselves. They also need to make sure that they protect their time with God so that He has the opportunity to continually refresh and restore.


We also know that we need to guard ourselves against sin. It is wise to have two or three overseers that you are transparent with and make yourself accountable to on a consistent and frequent basis.  Overseers will be able to give you support when you are tempted, warn you of a possible threat, and counsel you when you need advice. 


To guard our ministry we also need to guard against illegal or ethical misconduct. We should assure that we are complying with our federal and local governments, handling finances with accountability and counsel, and setting systems meant to protect the people we have been entrusted with. 


We also need to protect ourselves from false doctrine and misrepresentations of the Spirit. We sometimes need to guard the ministry from those who are divisive, rebellious, or offended – realizing that people are not our enemy, but Satan is. As we lean on the Lord for His discernment and strength each day, we can be confident that He will uphold us and cause us to have longevity in the ministry that He has called us to.

Application:  Realize that you have an enemy that wants to stop you from advancing the kingdom of God. There is a scripture that says, “Be wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove.” Protect yourself and your ministry, even from false allegations, while keeping your heart open to love and trust the people you serve. 

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