How to Heal How You Feel

“My soul melts from heaviness; strengthen me according to Your Word.” Psalm 43:5

When watching the development of a child through adolescent to adulthood gives us a good illustration of what spiritual growth will do for our soul. Children are often moved by how they feel, and emotions can be large and in charge of us through puberty. However, when we grow up, our decisions are made from our heart, no matter how we feel. When we are strong and mature spiritually, we are not tossed back and forth by emotion or feelings like an adolescent. Our spiritual strength becomes in charge of our soul and body rather than our soul and body driving and ruling over our heart, or spirit. Here are some steps to spiritual growth:

First, become born again and become complete in God in spirit. People are not meant to complete us, so redirect expectations.

Develop your relationship with God through prayer and worship. Spend time activating yourself spiritually by spending time in the spirit with God. This is also where we receive supernatural healing from God.

Give yourself to study and meditation on God’s Word. God’s Word is living and active, and it is able to heal and restore. His truth will undo the lies that keep a person bound and broken.

Apply and obey principles from God’s Word. Many of those principles help us to live a good life and stop behaviors that cause pain. Receive the love of God and forgive.

Open your mouth and make declarations from God’s Word, claiming His promises as your own. Learn to take authority over the enemy.

Get Spirit-filled and pray in the spirit. Praying in tongues will edify you, or build you up, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Participate in a healthy local church and attend, serve, and give. That church can be a support system of truth and love. Just remember people aren’t perfect, but God is. Extend grace.

Set boundaries on negative influences from people, media, and environments. Be careful what you allow yourself to think about.

Application: In addition, I suggest you make sure you are accountable to someone. It helps in the healing and strengthening process.

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