Humble Associations

“…associate with the humble…” Romans 12:16

The humble are people of valor who posture themselves to harmonize with God and His people. The opposite of a humble person is someone who is unyielding. When someone refuses to yield, submission to church authority could be difficult; criticism and withdraw are common. A person who is unyielding could become controlling, judgmental, divisive and manipulative.

Christians that continually criticize God’s leaders are like an obnoxious sound of an instrument out-of-tune. They are inharmonious with God and His ways. They can’t seem to get along with God’s people or serve the leaders that are in authority over them. They may not seem to be proud in the arrogant sense of the word, but they are proud in the unbending, independent sense of the word. God resists the proud, and in a similar fashion, He tells us to do the same by separating from those that come against the leaders who are in authority over us.

“Now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and offenses, … and avoid them…” Romans 16:17

Resisting God is an act of placing oneself in opposition to Him. Being resistant to His ways is positioning oneself as contrary to God with an attitude of insubordination. Coming against leadership demonstrates a carnal heart that has made itself hostile to God’s purpose. Criticism of church leadership is an attempt to hinder the expansion of the kingdom of God. Pride not only positions a person in opposition to the Lord, it gives entrance to the enemy, Satan, to have access within a person’s sphere of influence.

In choosing whom we associate with, above all else, look for the quality of humility, the desire and application of yielded surrender to the Lord, His ways, and His people.

Application: If you recognize that you have issues with spiritual authority because they misrepresented God to you, go to the cross. There is no excuse for choosing to wallow in the mire of offense. Jesus died so you could be set free. Jesus died so your offender could be set free. Enjoy freedom!

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