I See Beyond Your Scars

“…And when he saw him, He had compassion.” Luke 10:33

When a person bleeds from a bad wound, it can leave a scar on their skin. The scar serves as a reminder of where the person has been hurt before. Bad scars can also lose feeling because of the damage to the nerves where the cut occurred. Our soul doesn’t leave scars from where a person has been hurt in his or her past; however, a person can build up a tough layer when they were hurt so they can protect themselves from being hurt again. They’re afraid.

Scars are not considered to be pretty. Some people hide their scars. In the same way, there are people who hide their soul scars because that part of their life wasn’t pretty. That scar might bring attention to others, so they cover it up. It’s something they are embarrassed by or ashamed of. Maybe they feel guilty. That scar is a reminder of something they aren’t proud of.

Jesus knows our scars. He cared when the hurt happened, and He cares how our past hurts still affect us. As Christians, we should have the same love. Maybe someone that we meet has been through pain, and he or she could be afraid or ashamed. Maybe they have a tough exterior and try to repel our love. Maybe we were once that person. Love doesn’t run away when we meet a person with soul scars. There is a person that needs to be loved beyond their scars. They need to be shown acceptance and forgiveness.

There are lines to an old Christian song that come to my mind, “I said, if you knew, you wouldn’t want me. My scars are hidden by the face I wear. He said, My child, My scars to deeper. It was love for you that put them there.” Jesus loves hurting people more than any of us could fathom. His scars come from the nails that were put in His hands and feet on the cross, dying for the world. The Bible says that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Sinners are people with a big hole in their heart, whether they realize it or not. It’s a place meant for God, and without Him, people are left wanting. Some of those people have been through heartache. Their soul has been pierced and they have bled sorrow. Jesus loved people beyond their scars, past the hardness of their heart.

As Christians living in a world filled with hurting and lost people, we need to realize that hardness of heart is a sign of a past wound. We need to love people beyond their scars, bringing hope and healing.

Application: If a person seems to be hard or repelling, maybe they’ve been through pain or they fear trusting you. Love them anyway.

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